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International writer Susan Trevelyan-Syke on politics, media and economics.
When I was little, my Mother once urged me to learn patience if I wanted to be happy. 

I cheekily retorted that "I don't want to be Penelope.  I want to be Ulysses."

My wonderful, adventurous life has allowed me to be both.

Homer taught me about chaos, folly in politics and the agonizing futility of war in his

He stimulated a love of learning, imagination, adventure and quest-for-quest's sake in his Odyssey.

My parents and sister gave me a Chicagoan's Midwestern stability in an "anything-is-possible" America and an abiding love of politics, the media and business (and horses).

The old Hutchins BA at the University of Chicago provided me with a demanding Socratic education.

In the my youthful days as a Republican at University, Milton Freidman himself was advisor to our local chapter and personally explained his supply-side economics model.

He was kind, but to me his model was cold, heartless, unregulated capitalism.  He suspected I was a closet Keynesian.

I could not have imagined any country adopting the model nor the damage the 'Chicago School' would do to world economics.

The Coro Foundation of California selected me for its first Women's Fellowship Program
in public service.

Afterwards, I returned to Chicago to work on campaigns for the late Senator Paul Simon and late Mayor Harold Washington managed by David Axelrod and Richard Durbin (now Senator).

Horse racing brought me back to feature writing and success created a niche for a new company Horse Racing International Limited trading as Racing International.

Since 2003, I have chaired Howard Dean's campaign in the UK and Northern Ireland and Democracy for America UK. 

As a member of Democrats Abroad, I strongly supported former Senator Barack Obama's campaign for the Presidency and am working on Democrats Abroad UK's Policy Action Network. (

I have been asked to write about international politics, the media and business in
Susan's Views.

Racing International 
is a subsidiary of Horse Racing International Limited and, for now, Susan's Views is owned by me.

Writings on both sites are protected by copyright and carry liability for abuse of copyright.

Susan Trevelyan-Syke

For my purpose holds,
to sail beyond the sunset and
the baths of all the western stars
until I die.
To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield.
                                           Ulysses, Tennyson

'The Black Swan'
(randomness, improbability, unpredictability, risk and franctals), Nassim Nicholas Taleb

''What Happened?' (in the Bush White House), Scott McClellen

'The Shock Doctrine'
(world's economic collapse and Freidman's supply-side economics), Naomi Klein

'The Post-American World'
, Fareed Zakaria

and the 'Odyssey', Homer

, Aristotle

, Socrates

, Plato

'Common Sense', 'The Age of Reason'
, Thomas Paine 

'The Declaration of Independence'

'The Unbearable Lightness of Being'
, Milan Kundera

'On the Nature of Things'
, Lucretius

'Shakespeare's Plays'
, William Shakespeare

'The Left Hand of God.  A Biography of the Holy Spirit'
, Adolf Holl

'Just Six Numbers'
, Martin Rees

'The Elegant Universe'
, Brian Greene

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