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Right, Left and Center (Independents) vs Our Corporatist Ruling Class

Talk to ordinary citizens of the USA and they will tell you how unhappy they are with the way national decisions are made in America and with policies they do not nor have ever supported.

It does not matter if the unhappy are Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Centrists, whatever.  They may not like policies of the opposition, but America has reached a point when many are deeply unhappy with their own choices of elected officials. 

We elect Presidents, Senators and Representatives based on the policies they put forward in their election campaigns not just for their party label. 

The largest percentage of Americans are Independents if we can believe the polls:  about 45% depending on the variable 22-28% tending Republican and the variable 33-38% tending Democratic.  Today, both parties are at their lowest levels.

True Independents tend toward one of the two main parties, but vote for policies and individuals who are more likely to represent their views.

Americans share the same fate with every country:  often voting for the lesser of two or more evils.

The elected win, because the majority of voters trust or, at least, take a chance that the elected will carry out their preferences and will or do the right thing for the country.  They don't. 

The elected always have many excuses for not supporting what the American people, especially their own supporters, want.

What most Americans want is a properly managed, safe and fiscally sound country with equal opportunities, jobs, homes, food, education, health care and some sort of security for their current lifestyles and future.

The most powerful country in history should be able to provide for every American with so much left over that they can help other less fortunate countries.

Yet we have record numbers of Americans with no jobs, losing their homes, living rough, not enough food or heat, children and animals abandoned and no hope that things will get better. 

We are in a Depression or Recession or what ever you want to call it with a record deficit.

How did we get there?  Why are we there?  Why have our elected representatives and officials done so little for ordinary people when they (actually the taxpayers) can bail out the very rich companies which caused the crash?  Why do they refuse to write new, stiffer regulations or enforce current law to prevent further crashes?

Why are we running wars all over the planet?  Why do we need over 800 military installations throughout the world?  Why are we the policemen of the world?

Why do the terrorists hate us so much?

The health-care-bill battle has exposed more than our Establishment realizes.  Senators especially showed us why nothing gets done that We the People want.

Senators are members of a privileged club constantly raising money for their next elections and cutting deals with each other to satisfy their contributors.  They are even too indebted to lobbyists to hire independent researchers; they hire specialists from the lobbies and spout lobbyist-prepared policy statements without attribution.  

So who are the real deciders of policy?  With such a setup, how could independent thinking survive?  And how could we get decisions that benefit ordinary citizens or the country?

In the end, the taxpayers (otherwise known as suckers) will pay the bills.  

Only citizen taxpayers could be on the verge of a grand revolt and they could succeed in time if they unite--unite and fight. 

Republicans already are in the process of redefining their party to reflect its more Conservative base.  They claim they will choose candidates who reflect the views of its base and will purge the party of those who do not--even currently elected officials.

This is their response to the Bush years of disillusionment ending in false Conservatism, wars, corporate bailouts, a record deficit, loss of power and fractured policies.  Bush just opened the kitty jar and let the neocons and corporates plunder.

Tea Parties and FreedomWorks, i.e., have grown from Conservatives' disillusionment with Bush's big government in an attempt to take the country back to basic values.

Democrats, on the other hand, thought they had taken the country and its government back to democratic, liberal and progressive principles and policies in the 2008 election.

Instead they got the brushoff from the President who prefers a new breed of politician--the New Dems (corporatists, neo-liberals and Democratic Leadership Council followers who were thought to have been defeated with Hillary Clinton).  He also likes Joe Lieberman (Independent) more than he likes regular Democrats, Progressives and Liberals.

The health-care bill debacle in the Senate has shown that the President is only interested in pleasing these few New Dems like Senators Bayh, Landrieu, Nelson along with Lieberman who claim to be moderate centrists. 

He has given up working with Republicans like Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins.

If the President had wanted a public option or a Medicare buy in, he would have put the bill through Congress by reconciliation when a simple majority of Democrats would pass the legislation. 

What the President wants is a deal, any deal. 

Though there are some benefits for the public in the Senate health-care bill which will probably pass, it is a massive giveaway to the health care industry corporations (20-30 million new, mandated customers and no cost controls).

Republicans are not the only ones furious about this bill.

The President himself has received almost $40 million in contributions from the health care industry as have all the New Dems and most of Congress.  

They are voting their pockets and not for the common good.  

We are not getting strong banking controls, because 14 freshman New Dems have been given unheard of privileged membership on the powerful House Finance Committee.  Why?  They vote with the Republicans to defeat every effort to control the wayward finance industry.

These New Dems are reaping the corporate contribution harvest that has been the preserve of corporatist Republicans.  The DNC under Obama's leadership prefers them.  

As far as raising campaign money, the New Dems and Obama have it made.  Since they are in power, they will outstrip the Republicans and drown the regular Democrats whom they see as useless wimps except when it comes to voting.

Progressives, Liberals, unions among a few are furious and could find the guts to revolt on the health care bill.  

Many of the great centrist moderates like Michael M Daley, Chairman of the Midwest Board of J P Morgan Chase/Bank One, have accused the "balky" of wrecking the Democratic party, splitting its majority (no mention of Bayh, Landrieu, Nelson or Lieberman of doing the same to benefit corporations), undermining the President and undermining his health care bill. 

Daley is the brother of Chicago's mayor Richard J Daley, a member of the boards of Boeing (defense), Merck (drugs) and Boston Properties.   He served as Secretary of Commerce under Clinton, managed Albert Gore's unsuccessful Presidential campaign and was Special Counsel in the formation of NAFTA (dear to union hearts). 

Yes, the Establishment is worried that the majority of the Democratic Party will stop being toadies.  They could even defeat the health care bill and make Obama's term even more difficult than the Republicans are.

And one of these days, the 99.99% of Americans who are not part of the Establishment or Ruling Class will realize that they are getting nothing back from the politicians they elect except more grief, death and taxes.

The country is almost completely socialized now to benefit big corporations at taxpayer expense.

What happened to the common good?

Political activists who are Republicans, Democrats, Centrists and Independents have decided that it is time to talk and perhaps pool resources to get power back to the people.  A good example is below:  

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