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Budget Blues

The USA is nearly the August 2-3 deadline for raising the national debt ceiling or closing down government for lack of authorised funds to pay its bills including government pay, veterans' benefits, Social Security, etc.
No doubt Congress will be paid despite refusing to raise the ceiling or agree a budget.

It is so much more fun grandstanding, threatening and throwing tantrums.  Besides, the media laps up the madness.

Moody's is already talking of lowering our Aaa rating and other countries are gleeful that our debt is valued a 'junk' (an exaggeration) and the dollar is weakening enough that it could be replaced as the international currency peg.

Democrats are bewildered at who in the Republican Party is making decisions or is capable of making decisions for the good of the country.

Unlikely heroes are House majority Speaker Boehner and Senate majority leader McConnell who float plan after plan within their mad party to save the economy.  

Those plans are shot down by the far right as soon as they are announced. The far right wing and Tea Party are led by Eric Cantor (who owns hedge funds which will pay high dividends if the government defaults - just a little conflict of interest). 

The President is keeping his temper, but his hair is greyer by the day.

This Petit Guignol has gone on so long that even the majority of the American people are catching on that most of the Republican Congressional members are childish, ruthless and useless.

They want their way and they want President Obama impeached or not reelected. 

McConnell brags that removing the President is his primary objective along with re-writing the Constitution (I kid you not).

Republican governors are illegally rewriting the U.S. Constitution and their State Constitutions ad hoc bringing deep hardship to many across many red States.

They are also passing anti-voting laws in one red State after another to prevent young people, students, older people, handicapped, minorities, etc., from voting.  We have returned to the Dred Scott era.

Two Presidential candidates, Sarah Palin and Rick Scott, want to secede from the Union.

Just what are they doing for or to America?

What about America and Americans?

Do we count for nothing? 

What about our country's solvancy?

Their conduct is not only stupid, sociopathic, self-destructive and unpatriotic, it is treasonous.

July 14, 2011 
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